Forum tro/tanke: «Gud er tilbake»

NLA Høgskolen fortsetter den åpne forelesningsserien Forum tro/tanke, som er et verdifullt initiativ. Igjen er det min oppgave å legge frem noen pespektiver og refleksjoner i det viktige skjæringspunktet mellom tro og fag.

Temaet denne gangen er «Gud er tilbake»:


Fra sistnevnte reportasje siterer vi følgende:

God? Wasn’t he chased out of heaven by Marx, banished to the unconscious by Freud and announced by Nietzsche to be deceased? Did not Darwin drive him out of the empirical world? Well, not entirely. In a quiet revolution in thought and argument that hardly anyone could have foreseen only two decades ago, God is making a comeback.

Most intriguingly, this is happening not among theologians or ordinary  believers—most of whom never accepted for a moment that he was in any serious trouble — but in the crisp intellectual circles of academic philosophers, where the consensus had long banished the Almighty from fruitful discussion.


Alt dette peker på at det både er mulig og relevant å introdusere klassiske kristne perspektiver i forskning, fag og yrke. Dermed utfordres sekulariseringen og privatiseringen …

Den kjente filosofen og teologen William Lane Craig uttrykker dette slik:

It is the broader task of Christian apologetics to help create and sustain a cultural milieu in which the gospel can be heard as an intellectually viable option for thinking men and women.



English: NLA University College (Bergen) has initiated a series of lectures and workshops on the integration of faith and learning. It is my privilege today to present a lecture in the series entitled “God is back: Implications for students, academics and professionals”.