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A. A selection of published texts

My article «Media Engagement: A Global Missiological Task» was published in the January 2014 issue of Lausanne Global Analysis. This article provieds a summary of my Cape Town 2010 blogs and articles on «media awareness, media presence and media mission».

I was co-editor of and contributor to The Lausanne Movement: A Ranges of Perspectives (Oxford: Regnum Books International, 2014; 497 pp). It was published in June 2014 as volume 22 in The Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series. This volume is now available from the publisher as a free download for personal use.

My article «Media Messages Matter: Towards a New Missiological Approach to Media Engagement» was published in the June 2014 issue of Norsk Misjonstidsskrift (Norwegian Journal of Missiology).


B. Audiofiles (lectures / seminars):


C. Videofiles:




A. Utvalg av publiserte tekster




Kristen forkynnelse / formidling

  • «Ansikt til ansikt. Ti teser om forkynnelsens etikk» (s. 119-125 i Budskap 2005)
  • «Journalist eller formidler? En innholdsbestemmelse av to sentrale roller for kristne formidlere» (s . 98-107 i Budskap 2006)

Kristen apologetikk


B. Foredrag / seminarer (lydfiler)

C. Theofilos (tidsskriftets hjemmeside)

  • «Nye Theofilos – en programerklæring» i Theofilos, vol 4, 2012, nr. 1



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