Toward a New Christian Renaissance?

It was certainly both a pleasure and a privilege to have Os Guinness visiting Gimlekollen this month, following public events both in Oslo and Bergen.

One of the highlights during his visit in Norway was a public debate at the University of Bergen on the role of faith in the public discourse of a pluralistic society.

Another highlight was the Damaris-conference Light & Salt 2011 i Kristiansand, where he spoke alongside bestselling author Becky Pippert, actually a longtime friend from his time at L’Abri and also a prominent global speaker.

A third highlight was the thoughtful and encouraging sermon on The Call: Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose in Life.


But some of us also had the privilege of listening to Os Guinness lecturing on Challenging the Darkness: Towards a New Christian Renaissance at a private dinner and reception ar Gimlekollen on the 12th November. This significant lecture is also available (from other occasions) on video or in a news report. Highly recommended!

Here is an excerpt:

We must bear in mind the grand global tasks of the church in the 21st century… The first is to prepare the global south, where the church is growing rapidly but is often extremely shallow in its depth… The second grand task is to win back the West… The third task of the church today is to contribute to the human future.


Enjoy – and be challenged!



Norsk: Det var et stort privilegium å ha besøk av Os Guinness på MhG nå i november. Jeg anbefaler særlig Norea Mediemisjons fire intervjuer med Guinness (lytt her), bl.a. med fokus på at kristne må engasjere seg mer i offentlig debatt.