Richard Dawkins – positiv og problematisk

Dermed er et innlegg med tittelen «Richard Dawkins – positiv og problematisk» publisert på

Innlegget fungerer også som en oppfølging av mitt tidligere blogginnlegg om Dawkins.



English: I have just published a blog post on the Norwegian web debate site on Richard Dawkins as a man of contrasts.

One the one hand, it is positive that Dawkins is an academic with a passion for his field, an openness about his position and an agenda-setter for the God-question. On the other hand, it is problematic that his apologetic for atheism is characterized by a naive positivistic view of science, a distorted presentation of theological, philosophical and historical arguments in favour of Christian theism, as well as a tendency to describe most of his Christian opponents as «creationists».

Unfortunately, Richard Dawkins has (so far) declined the invitation to debate the well-known Christian philosopher William Lane Craig in Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford (UK) in October this year.

However, The God Delusion Debate between Dawkins and his Christian Oxford-colleague John Lennox (in 2007) is certainly still worth seeing. Interesting, insightful and engaging!