Recommended: «Egypt and the facebook revolution»

The unfolding dramatic events in Egypt are high on the news agenda everywhere in our globalized world. It seems clear that social media such as facebook and twitter has played a key role in the ongoing changes.

As journalism educator, I do find Krish Kandiah’s reflections on Egypt and the facebook revolution really insightful. This includes the following observation:

News can spread very quickly to a large number of people through facebook and twitter – this is especially important in places where the press is controlled by the government. In Egypt this seems to be a factor.

This blog post by Krish Kandiah also illustrates his helpful ten questions on exploring the implications of social media.


Norsk: De siste ukers og dagers dramatiske hendelser i Egypt illustrerer betydningen av sosiale medier som facebook og twitter, noe som Krish Kandiah fremhever i blogginnlegget Egypt and the facebook revoultion.