Media and Technology: Moving Beyond Cape Town 2010

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to deliver the CT2010 multiplex session on «Media and Technology» on Monday the 18th October together with an accomplished global team:

  • The multiplex session illustrated and illuminated the CT2010 advance paper Media Messages Matter: Christ, Truth and the Media
  • The auditorium was completely packed with more than 800 leaders from all over the world…
  • The number of positive and engaging responses after the multiplex session has simply been overwhelming…


Our multiplex session covered the three key themes of media awareness, media presence and media ministries. Our major emphasis was affirmed by Os Guinness in a later multiplex on globalization, where he emphasized the role of information technology and media as key carriers of globalization. Following on from that he challenged all of us present:

There are three grand issues facing the global church: (1) The church in The Global South needs to prepare itself for globalization. (2) The church in the West needs the spiritual vitality of the church in The Global South. (3) The whole global church needs to contribute to help humanity forward at this key moment in history.

Thus; The Global South is facing globalization with IT technology as the key channel or carrier. Wherever technology goes, the news and entertainment media follow, with underlying secular and religious worldviews. The church in the Global South needs to prepare itself for a missional encounter with globalization in general and technology and media specifically. This includes the urgent need for strategic worldview resources for media awareness and media critique.
Therefore, we are now launching a global resource site called, equipping churches to be involved in media awareness, media presence and media ministries. More about this key development later! 


Norsk: Erfaringene så langt i Cape Town bekrefter at mediebevisstgjøring er en glemt dimensjon i misjon. Derfor har vi lansert en pilotversjon av den globale ressurssiden