8 Jul 2014

Do you lead by doing or by directing? Are you the center of the team or on the sidelines making sure the team functions? Do you build a team around your strengths or the strengths of others? Are you sure?

24 May 2009

This session puts Joseph's life in the context of the story of Genesis.  The book of Genesis begins with the creation of the universe and ends with Joseph's family, the young nation of Israel, settling in Egypt. How does the life of Joseph fit into such a sprawling story? John Lennox investigates.


25 May 2014

When the Gospel first was communicated into Europe, apologetics played a significant role. In Acts, we see how the apostles reasoned with their contemporaries and tried to convince them about the truth of the gospel. 

26 May 2014

In this talk, Bill Lohnes shares the way he came to a deeper understanding of God through the process of being discipled and how he in turn has started a ministry to disciple others. 

27 May 2014

With such a small percentage of evangelicals in Europe, the challenge of reaching the lost is huge. At the current rate the Gospel is spreading, there is little chance that significant progress will be made.  At the same time, there is an increased hunger for spiritual things, and huge open doors for the Gospel. What would multiply the evangelistic fruit of your ministry? 

The Forum of Christian Leaders online provides critical resources for Christian Leaders wherever you are. We bring you leading speakers from around the world providing 2-3 minute answers to key questions, short 20 minute talks on important issues, longer workshops and in depth live webinars where you can interact.

Answers to Questions

Do you have questions? We all do. Answers to Questions asks solid Christian leaders tough questions. This is your chance to listen in and hear what they say.

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Short Talks

Distilled Truth. What do you get when you ask an excellent communicator to give a 20 minute talk on something that they have thought about for years? Distilled Truth.

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Life is complicated. Sometimes to really understand a problem - and God's solution - takes some time. Forum Seminars are solid Christian analyses on crucial topics.

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